Commonwealth Financial Solutions Inc.


Uncollected debt cost businesses millions of dollars every year which in turn causes a negative effect on your company's bottom line. Our company's goal is to provide your company with services to maximize profits and increase your bottom line.

Our collection agency collects commercial and consumer bad debts.  We utilize tried and true methods as well as constantly integrating new cutting edge technology and collection techniques to enhance recovery of debts owed to you.  We consistently work with our clients to customize our services to best meet your company’s requirements.

The support team for Commonwealth Financial Solutions, Inc. consists of trained collection specialists with an unprecedented success record.  Unlike most collection agencies we do not charge extra for multiple phone calls, letters or other forms of communication we utilize to obtain monies owed to you.  We charge a fixed percentage that does not increase, unlike many collection agencies that increase their fees as the debt grows older. Therefore we have every reason to pursue your debtor aggressively from the very beginning.